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Welcome to The Carrington Institute for Teaching and Learning

We are pleased to welcome you to Carrington’s new interdisciplinary Institute for Teaching and Learning.  The Institute is an outgrowth of Carrington’s commitment to building a more just, inclusive and effective educational experience for the 21st-century learner.  There is a growing national consensus that the American education system has reached a point where reforms are needed in order to respond more effectively to the needs of students and families.  These improvements must be based on principles of equity, social justice, empirical evidence and more thorough and objective analyses of criminal justice policy and practice. 

Carrington is more than tutoring and education therapy. Life-long learning demands that learners engage their own unique learning style with the multiple intelligences across a broad spectrum of opportunities and activities. It a model of community support for families, teachers and students to improve academic performance, personal efficacy, motivation, and creativity.

Life is complicated enough. Education should be simple and accessible to every student.


Dr. Erica Woods-Warrior
​Executive Director

Our Philosophy

Carrington is committed to fostering collaborative learning through identifying, supporting, sustaining and scaling. K -12 and post-secondary best practices. Our goal is to engage students, families, educators and advocates to leverage 21st-century teaching, mentorship and academic support to elevate all students to academic, personal and professional growth.

Your Success

Our students emerge from all academic and personal backgrounds and reflect all ability levels and learning styles. While preschool and K-12 students gain critical foundational skills with us, postsecondary and adult learners benefit from our test-prep, tutoring, and coaching. Current educators are able to receive training to replicate our high-impact practices in their own classrooms. 

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